Welcome to SZABIST, Stem Cell Research Centre


Stem cells and its allied field would become a major force in the area of bio-medicine /technology in the next few years as we move forward in an ever changing health care industry. Stem cell research would be an important breakthrough in the programming of cells to differentiate into targeted organs which can be employed to replenish malfunctioned tissues in the human body. This milestone research would have strategic value for the growing market of impaired people who have lost hope and rendered ineffective for the productive utilization in their daily affairs and global economy.

The Stem Cell Research Center [SCRC] envisages in the establishment of the laboratories which focuses on tissue culture of human tissues/cells. Our primary research would attach great significance to the reduction of proliferation of cancer cells and targeting these programming cells to behave like beneficiary tissues.

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President Message

On top of the list is the inauguration of cutting-edge R&D facilities at SZABIST. currently the focus is on the areas of stem cells and the design of indigenous high powered wind turbines. Timelines have been defined, milestones have been set and deliverables identified. Does that mean the pressure is on? No. And this is exactly where SZABIST's R&D model is unique - it imposes no pressure on our researchers, they are involved because they want to be involved and be challenged. Well now they have both. We have reduced the teaching load to provide ample time for original thinking and innovation. Also bearing in mind that today's 'hard' scientific and challenging problems generally cannot be solved by a single discipline and hence SZABIST boasts a vibrant multidisciplinary team of researchers comprising of engineers, computer scientists, medical practitioners, mathematicians and MBAs.

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